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Privacy Policy

About handling of personal information
The company strictly observes laws and regulations regarding Privacy Policy and explains about its handling and protection etc., based on the provisions of the personal information protection law as below.
Personal information held by the accommodation
  1. The company holds personal information of customer obtained for stay or reservation for stay in order to manage the accommodation.
  2. In the personal information of customer, name and surname, gender, age, address (including place of work), telephone number (including place of work), email address (including place of work), type of occupation and any other information will be used in order to offer the appropriate service and to improve the service.
Utilization purpose of personal information of customer
  1. In order to implement the accommodation contract with the customer, and to implement administration and service after the accommodation contract.
  2. In order to use marketing analysis etc., to provide more satisfaction by improving the service towards the customer.
  3. In order to implement various administration for the management at the company.
  4. In order to provide our service guidance which is considered to be useful for the customer.
  5. In addition, for matters regarding the above items.
Provide personal information of the customer to a third party.

The accommodation provides personal information of the customer which the accommodation holds to the following third party if necessary. The accommodation will stop providing it if we received the request from the customer.

  1. In the event of compulsory dispositions which have been made based on the provisions of laws and courts.
  2. In the event of receiving the inquiry from the legal authority such as the court etc.
  3. In the event a judgement has been made by the accommodation that it shall be deemed that emergency evacuation or justifiable defense is necessary.
  4. In the event that there is the need in order to protect the human life, body or the property.
Protection of personal information of the customer
  1. The accommodation shall educate regarding private policy towards the employees of the accommodation on a regular basis in order to manage strictly personal information of the customer.
  2. Regarding the database system which the accommodation holds, the accommodation shall take the appropriate security measures.
Outsourcing for processing of personal information of the customer

When the accommodation asks outsourcing for processing of personal information of the customer which the accommodation holds, they accommodation shall conclude a necessary contract and manage and supervise properly.

Privacy policy

The accommodation shall understand the importance of personal information of the customer, in order to protect personal information of the customer responsibly, and shall respect the trust of the customer by regular audits and education thoroughly.

Contact information regarding “handling of personal information”:
Nijo Yu-rakuan
TEL: +81-75-203-0667