About Reservation

How to reserve and stay

  1. Reservation

    For the reservation, please contact us from the “Reservation” page or call us.

    • Reservation accommodation by Internet here
    • Call us for the reservation075-203-0667(10:00 - 19:00)
    There is a possibility that you hear the answering machine when you call us.
    In that case, please leave your message with your name and telephone number.
  2. Payment for the

    We ask you an advanced payment.
    When we receive your reservation, we will resend you a booking confirmation by email to your email address that you mentioned in the reservation form.
    When you receive our booking confirmation, please pay through a bank transfer for the payment of accommodation fee according to the bank account information mentioned in the message.
    If the check-in date is already within a week when you reserve the accommodation, you can make a payment at an accommodation.
    For the payment on site, you can choose the way of payment by a credit card. ※Please note that transfer fee etc. for the bank transfer is owed by the guest.

  3. Booking

    When we confirm your payment for the accommodation, the booking confirmation is done.
    We will send back to you a booking confirmation including details with the map for the access, and check-in etc. by email.

Cancellation Policy

For the cancellation after the booking, there is a cancellation fee.
The cancellation fee is different depending on the date we receive the notification of cancellation from the guest.
In the event of cancellation for private reasons by the guest, please kindly let us know as soon as possible.
The cancellation fee occurs 10 days prior to the check-in date.
※In case of refund, we will pay back the fee which has been deducted the transfer fee.

The date of receiving a cancellation notice No Show On the day One day before 3 days before 10 days before
Cancellation fee 100% 80% 50% 20% 0%
Note: The percentage above is the percentage of the penalty for the basic accommodation fee.
In the event of shortening the dates of the agreement, we will charge you the penalty of one day (first day), regardless how many days are shortened.
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